Early Registration Starting September 1st!

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Early Registration (September 1 - October 31st)

School registration fee: $80
Delegate fee: $65

Regular registration (November 1 - January 20)

School registration fee: $90
Delegate fee: $75

Late registration (January 21 - February 1)

School registration fee: $100
Delegate fee: $85

These fees cover the cost of the venue, supplies, and operating expenses for the conference. Lodging and transportation costs are not included. 

Once your registration information has been received, either our Director of Business and Finance, Marie Leighton McCall, or our Director of Sponsorship, Meghan Prabhu, will issue you an invoice for the conference. Please allow a few days for these to become available.

Delegation Size

Delegations of all sizes are welcome! No restrictions shall be instituted as there are no required minimums or maximums that must be met.


Any questions or concerns may be directed to munchcira@unc.edu